Pamela K. Mason


Continue to build on my management skills, creating companies where my 20 + years of experience will add value to the operations.

Professional Profile/Value Proposition

  • Management professional with more than 20 years of experience in leadership, marketing, and sales
  • Proven success in biomedical research, investigation and prevention of criminal activities
  • Adept in entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about previous successes that have generated almost $2 million, single handedly in revenue for two companies in the Tampa Bay Area by developing new department/companies using their existing client databases
  • Articulate and competitive in clinical research trials coming in three times for the top ten enrolling sites in the United States
  • Providing consultation, liaison and administrative coordination between investigator and ancillary departments and sponsoring organizations have given me confidence and good attention to detail
  • Driven as a relationship builder with my business savvy confidence, I was able to develop a company called Tots to Teens Sickbays and Child Care Center in 1999
  • Hands-on experience with child care services for the state of Florida Department of Children and Families, allowed me to work with lawmakers in Tallahassee to change the state legislation and received authorization to have mildly ill child care facilities in the state of Florida
  • Execution and Planning of the Polices and Guidelines of mildly ill statutes

Employment Experience:

Florida Cardiovascular Institute (2011 to 2012) : Research Coordinator

  • Developed organizational aids and checklists to facilitate patient recruitment
  • Enrolled subjects in studies and managed their participation according to ethical, regulatory, and protocol-specific requirements
  • Created innovative solutions to quality assurance activities for (internal audits, sponsor audits and FDA audits)
  • Communicated and worked along with INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARDS from all over the United States to maintain regulatory compliance for 15 pharmaceutical trials
  • Ensuring at all times, that standing operating procedures (SOPs) and good clinical practices (GCPs) were carried out at all times

Genesis Clinical Research (2009 to 2011)

Research Coordinator

  • Negotiated budgets with increasing techniques that boosted revenue 30%
  • Interacted with the study participant to collect accurate and complete clinical trial data
  • Implemented new ways of Advertising and Networking which lead to new clients
  • Drug and Device accountability was retained at 100% at all times

Academic Alliance in Dermatology (2005 to 2009)

Research Director

  • Coordinated the planning, development and implementation of clinical protocol, administrative and logistical procedures, documentation, and operating systems, in accordance with research parameters set out by the Physician/Principal Investigator
  • Recruited, supervised, evaluated and coordinated the activities of a team of clinical research support staff
  • Participated in the identification of potential research funding sources and in the development and writing of grant proposals and project plans
  • Planned and coordinated the procurement of required clinical facilities, equipment and supplies
  • Oversaw the planning, scheduling, and carrying out of day-to-day clinical activities and procedures, ensuring efficient workflow and adequate care and treatment of research subjects
  • Represented and promoted the objectives and activities of research studies to various internal and/or external constituencies, as appropriate
  • Ensured confidentiality of subject records
  • Performed clinical procedures as directed per each study protocol

Brandon-Valrico Center for Allergy & Asthma Research (2001 to 2005)

Research Director

  • Planned and monitored programs for the recruitment, screening, enrollment, and retention of clinical research subjects and/or volunteers
  • Wrote and developed standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Ensured that all investigators and covered research personnel complies with federal regulations governing disclosure of personal, professional or financial interests in a research study that may impact upon its conduct, evaluation or outcome
  • Trained coordinators to manage each trial planned or ongoing at site
  • Developed all financial spreadsheets and reimbursed all study subjects for participation in trials

Florida West Coast Clinical Research Corp (1998 to 2001)

Medical Assistant/Research Coordinator

  • Participated and traveled throughout the United States bringing back important knowledge and skills to perform new studies
  • Collected vitals, administered ECG’S and performed basic care for Nephrology patients
  • Performed lab procedures and drawing blood, prepared samples for transport
  • Performed front and back office procedures for medical facility

PCA/Humana (1994 to 1998)

Marketing Agent/ Provider Relations Representative/Sales

  • Initiated physician recruitment resulting in increased participation in revenue and in the network
  • Developed training manual for new departmental employees
  • Pioneered contracts for specialists and hospitals, bringing them into the network
  • Negotiated and projected rates on a variety of contracts
  • Liaison for Phycor Management Services Organization (MSO)
  • Provided educational services for 185 medical specialists in Hillsborough County

Robert Oliva, MD & Adela Oliva, MD PA 1992 to 1994

Medical Assistant/Insurance Coordinator/Referrals

  • Answering phones, taking diction, completing insurance forms
  • Maintained financial records and kept bookkeeping records in perfect order
  • Collaborated and build a strong team building and leadership plan
  • Built a strong interpersonal relationship with surrounding medical departments and imaging centers
  • Excellence in analyzing routine lab samples, and drawing blood
  • Accomplished in removing sutures and giving injections
  • Improved processes of ordering medication and supplies
  • Networked with insurance companies for decreasing down time for wait time while holding for referrals

James Sotrop, MD 1991 to 1992

Medical Assistant/X-ray Assistant

  • Assisted and scheduled with X-ray operations
  • Instrumental in helping physicians examine and treat patients
  • Designed better patient chart organizational set-up
  • Contacted pharmacies and authorized drug refills
  • Organized and prepared rooms for sterilization, tools and equipment

Robert J. Goldstein, MD 1987 to 1991

Medical Assistant/Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Assisted Internal Medicine and Nephrology patients in medical work-up
  • Implemented and coordinated investigational research protocols
  • Performed vital signs and ECG’s
  • Obtained approvals for informed consents and protocols with local and
  • Central IRB’s
  • Collaborated and coordinated with In-House Hospital Studies to increase revenue
  • Performed required patient visits while adhering to protocol guidelines

Tampa Pathology Laboratories 1987 to 1988

Cyto Tech Prepper

  • Saved lives by preparing and processing specimen slides for evaluation
  • Entered extremely time sensitive medical results into central database
  • Worked closely with Pathologists in labeling and handling body parts for lifesaving diagnoses and disease control
  • Processed and centrifuged over 1000 tubes of blood per day

Telephone Remanufacturing Corporation of America 1986 to 1988

Accounts Receivable/Marketing/Sales Representative

  • Billed and managed worldwide account receivables
  • Managed financial reports and reported and documented all banking transactions
  • Assisted customers in obtaining product repair
  • Shipped out and received thousands of old phone parts outside the U.S.

Kohls Department Store Security 1985 to 1986

Undercover Shoplifter Security Officer

  • Successful in keeping retail costs down by educating the public on the importance of not shoplifting
  • Trained in investigative and prevention of criminal activities
  • Trained personnel in understanding the boundaries of due legal process
  • Worked closely with the Ft. Wayne Police Departments in processing and arresting individuals caught and making sure they have proper opportunities and rehab programs available to them after charges are applied and sentencing was complete

Zeis Security Systems (1978 to 1985)

Screener/Security Supervisor

  • Verified, identified and confiscated items considered illegal or dangerous by FAA regulations while on airport property
  • Supervised ten operators of x-ray equipment and metal detectors and hand wands
  • Counseled and implemented plans for employees to better their work related techniques
  • Ensured employees were trained on personal safety issues and CPR
  • Identified dangerous convicts through reporting to FBI officials, anything suspicious, and looking through photographs for identification
  • Assisted in the safety of passengers through constant training with Airline Marshals
  • All due legal process was reported and documented properly
  • Staying within all State and Federal guidelines


Brewster College, Tampa, Florida
Associate Degree in Early Childcare
Internship, at USAA

Tampa College, Tampa, Florida
Medical Assistant Degree

Northeastern A&M College, Miami, OK
30 credit hours, GPA 3.85 (Medical)

Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Fl
30 credit hours, GPA 3.50 (Business and Medical)

Certification in IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Certification in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)

Certification in NIH (National Institute of Health)

Certification in CCRA

Certification in CPR

Memberships and Committees

Biomedical Committee of New York

SoCRA (Society of Clinical Research Associates)

ACRP ( Association of Clinical Research Professionals)

Ran Institute of Excellence in Research Education

National Childcare Association

National Committee on Preserving our Oceans/Sea Life and Beaches

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